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It’s that time of year, the weather is unpredictable, the days are short, and often a good book or some tv time curled up by a cozy fire sounds much more alluring than a movement regimen. Here are some ideas to get you moving and feeling good even on the bleakest of days.

1. Reference smartphone apps to keep track of your steps:

Even though I work in the sports world it doesn’t always mean I have the time to move as much as I’d like. Often I’m rehabbing and watching players move instead of moving myself. I now use the health app on my iPhone to keep track of how much I’m moving from day-to-day. I have incorporated taking the stairs to my hotel room instead of the elevator or actively walking up an escalator. If I see I’m short on steps for the day I’ll hop on the bike in my apartment for 20 min at the end of a rather sedentary day. Now’s your chance to tap into that competitive nature and try to keep up your steps from week to week. Notice we said week to week, not day-to-day. Give yourself some leeway for relaxing or hectic days that may not allow for as much movement as the day before.

2. Set reminders to move throughout your day. And don’t turn it off until you MOVE!

We suggest moving every 20-30 min especially if you work at a computer or have a desk job. You can get up and take a stroll or simply do some seated cat cows and twists in your chair. My husband and his coworkers knock out 10 pushups and 10 bodyweight squats every hour on the hour throughout their 12-hour workday. Having others to hold you accountable or motivate you is always a big help. Get creative. Do what feels good, new or interesting in your body. Feel the invigoration new movements can bring to your mind and spirit!

3. Put your cleaning services on hold for the winter

This may mean unplugging your robot vacuums or stop paying the cleaning lady to show up. Save it for warm sunny days when that’s the last thing you want to do. You can burn up to 200 calories/hr cleaning, plus the different positions required to vacuum, mop, do laundry, etc. helps to maintain full body range of motion along with core and extremity strength. Not only will your body feel good after an hour of tidying up your living quarters, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself and get some immediate gratification of a clean house!

4. Feeling motivated to move and sweat but not sure you want to leave the house? Check out the Tabata Workouts (at the bottom of this post) Veronica prepared for her team while they were on Christmas break. These interval workouts are efficient and effective, no equipment is needed and you only need a small space to do it in. Choose how long you have or want to workout and substitute any exercises you may prefer. Tabata workouts are designed to maintain or improve muscular endurance and cardiovascular training while developing strength and coordination. An extra bonus of interval training is the extra holiday inches it will help to shed. We recommend downloading a Tabata timer on your device so you can lose yourself in the movement and not worry about keeping track of time.

Check out some of the other movement masterminds we like to follow on social media for inspiration. @jenschappel, @functionalmvmt, @movnat, @nanimoves

Some keys to maintaining movement in the winter and always: be kind and patient towards yourself, set realistic expectations, pick what seems most enticing and doable to avoid disappointment, and add at least one thing to your day that makes you move more than you would have. Just remember, movement can look many different ways and it doesn’t mean gearing up and going to the gym or on that bike ride. HAPPY MOVING DAY!!!!


• Choose 12-16 exercises- pull from the list below, rehab exercises or your own creations.

• Perform a minimum of 2 rounds

• First Round: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off Second Round: 30:20 Third Round: 20:10

• Goal: 20:10 for 3 rounds

• For each exercise try to complete the same ratio of reps/intensity on the first round as you do on last round

• Key: Maintain good form and mechanics.

• Warmup: 5 minutes Cool Down: 5 minutes


Table Top Knee to Elbow

Bird Dogs

V Ups

Russian Twists

Supine Windmills

Reverse Table Tops- knees bent/legs straight


Sumo Squats

Bulgarian Split Squat

Single leg squat off step or to chair

Lunges (forward/backward/side)

Bridge (single, double leg, march)

Bench Hip Hikes (single or double leg)

Bridge with feet on bench/physioball (single or double leg)


Side Plank Variations

Plank Walks- forearm to full

Reverse Tricep Dips

Toe Tappers

High Knees- stationary

Butt Kicks- stationary

Jump Squats

Jump Lunges

Tuck Jumps

Speed Skater


Jumping Jacks

Squat Jacks J

ump Rope

Shuttle Run (lateral/forward)

Wall Clapper


Mountain Climbers (fast/slow)

Wall Sits/Chair Pose

Hold Half Burpee (option to add jump at end)

Full Burpee

Sample Workout: High Knees. Bridges. Side Lunge. Russian Twists. Wall Sits. Jump Rope. Supine Windmills. Toe Tappers. Pushups. Shuttle Run. Plank Walks. Squat Jumps.


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