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Veronica Carmazzi, MS, ATC, LAT, PYT-c

As an avid athlete and outdoor enthusiast Veronica has been active all of her life. While she has lived a healthy lifestyle, she did not seriously partake in yoga and mindfulness until she suffered severe injuries from a car accident. This began her yoga journey as a way to cope with and heal from head injuries and musculoskeletal trauma.  While experiencing the benefits of a movement and mindfulness practice first hand, she began to incorporate yoga into the treatment plans of her patients in her work as a Certified Athletic Trainer and manual therapist.  In order to more thoroughly share yoga, Veronica completed the Glowing Body Teacher Training with the renowned Cindy Dollar, followed by a Level 1 Medical Therapeutic Yoga certification through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute. Veronica's history with yoga has encouraged her to bring yoga to the masses as a way to promote holistic wellness, and prevent injury and disease that result from the sedentary and stressful tendencies of today's society. Rigazzi Mobile Wellness Programs is her vision of sharing the benefits of movement, mindfulness and breath with all people in a convenient and custom-tailored format.

Tracy Riggs, MBA, M.Ed., RYT 200, Buti Certified

Since a young age, yoga has brought strength and grounding to Tracy's life. An ardent mountain biker and outdoorswoman, she has been sharing her love of yoga with fellow adventurers in Knoxville for some time. After seeing their increased performance and growth toward mindfulness, she was inspired to continue sharing the yogic experience with others. A visual artist and educator of 16 years, she practiced yoga daily as a way to combat the anxiety and stress prevalent in the education system and modern life. Experiencing a plateau in her practice, Tracy completed Teacher Training at Glowing Body Studio under the wisdom of Cindy Dollar, followed by a Buti Certification. Always challenging herself, Tracy completed her MBA with a concentration in Marketing in 2019 and celebrated by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. She is attuned to the wisdom of sustaining longevity of life while fostering a sense of community and connection. Rigazzi Mobile Wellness is her way of addressing the side effects of our increasingly busy lifestyles, while sharing her love of all types of movement with a mindful approach to daily life. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate wellness and community through movement, mindfulness, and breath at your establishment and beyond.

Our Philosophy

Rigazzi operates around the 8 limbs of yoga to promote self-care, mindfulness, and community, while maintaining truth and transparency in our business pursuits.

Our Team

Rigazzi utilizes highly qualified instructors and consultants to fulfill your wellness needs. 

Kandace Stephenson, 200hr RYT, Buti

As a former ballet dancer, Kandace always felt the need to move and create, but throughout most of her twenties, she struggled to find a physical outlet that was mentally satisfying. She dabbled in yoga and other workout programs throughout college and after, but it wasn’t until she moved to Knoxville in 2014 that she really committed to a yoga practice – albeit, initially in her living room with guidance from Youtube. Through the ebb and flow of personal practice, she found that the effects of yoga run deeper than physiology and that the mental and emotional outlet that yoga provides are essential. She became a 200-hour RYT through training with Cindy Dollar in April of 2017 and quickly followed up with Buti Yoga certification in July of 2017. She believes that the practice of yoga is fluid and ever-evolving and continues to explore both traditional and not-so-traditional yoga in her personal practice. In her life off the mat, Kandace is a children's librarian, a backyard farmer, an overzealous aunt, and a premium pup snuggler.

Jamie Kowarick, RYT200
A former modern dancer, Jamie took her first yoga class while attending college to fill a mandatory gym credit, searching for a creative and physical outlet like dance. Not only did she see results physically, but Jamie also looked forward to the challenge of finding balance and strength in the mind and body. She was hooked, which is what inspired Jamie to complete 200-hour teacher training in 2016. Now an experienced teacher, Jamie believes yoga truly is for everyone and everybody— no matter their reason for first stepping on a yoga mat. Her classes are influenced by dance-like movement to move the body in different ways and can be modified to fit any practice. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Jamie loves to create things, hang out with her husband and three cats, visit her home in Connecticut, and eat french fries.
Julianna Tullos

Julianna has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and attended the Glowing Body Teacher Training from 2015-2016 under the guidance of Cindy Dollar and many other wonderful peers and mentors. She approaches her practice through the lens of a trauma-informed, mindfulness-based approach, cultivated from her additional studies with James Fox of the Prison Yoga Project, and yoga as a complementary mode of managing anxiety and depression. Julianna brings her love of all things musical, her koan meditation practice, and her wide open big-heartedness to her yoga classes. She is no stranger to the discomfort of opening the heart, at 25 years old, she was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, and has had 2 major heart surgeries in a span of a few years. She teaches yoga the same way she has learned to use yoga to help her heal --- with steady present awareness and gentle fearlessness.

Emily Lovelace

Emily is an RYT200 certified yoga teacher in Knoxville, Tennessee. She studied at Glowing Body and graduated the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in the spring of 2017. Emily’s personal journey with yoga began when she was 13 at her local gym and grew from there. Emily is thrilled and honored to finally be able to help others enrich their lives through yoga. You can find Emily on Instagram @settledpebble and teaching for Rigazzi Wellness. 

Nikki Lambert-Nitzband
Bio coming soon!
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