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Movement Sessions are brought directly to your desk-side, break room or outdoor patio. We will work with any space available. Offerings come in multiple formats, such as short check-ins, classes or workshops. 

Movement Sessions

Yoga, Aerobics, Interval Training, Barre, Pilates and more.

Pink Chair

Zen Space Design

Rigazzi creates the ultimate break room for you and your staff to provide restoration and increase productive energy during your work day. We transform closets, corners, or extra rooms into office oases.

Active Senior Couple

Mindfulness Practice

Guided meditation sessions to help balance workload, alleviate stress, increase attention and improve cognitive function. These skills can be practiced independently and translate into all areas of life.


Art and Mindfulness

Combine art mediums and mindfulness.

Options: paint, watercolor, clay, sculptural techniques, mixed media, printmaking and more.


Teach breathing techniques to sharpen focus and concentration while providing a resource to manage chronic ailments. Once learned, these self care practices can be utilized at work and after hours.

Vegetables in Bag

Nutrition and Health

Group Counseling:  Topics include weight loss, heart health, diabetes management, exercise and nutrition, general healthy eating, gut and brain health, and much more.


Group Sport Nutrition Sessions, Nutrition Newsletters, and more.

*Minimum of 10 people required. If you have a group smaller than 10 people we can make accommodations.

Our programs are custom designed to meet your needs, therefore pricing will vary.

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