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Kids Programs

Starting with Preschoolers, we are sharing movement, mindfulness and breath and its benefits.

Through the avenue of yoga, research demonstrates that mindful movement enhances motor development, fosters emotional control, develops listening skills, improves attention, self-confidence, and sociability, all the while enriching communication skills, reducing anxiety and improving sleep in children.

Mindful Movement Sessions:

Our goal at Rigazzi is to provide new movements and experiences that aid in the development of the whole child.

Each session with Rigazzi is designed by our qualified instructor to provide a unique, tailored experience to meet the developmental needs of your child. This will include relevant themes, such as Balance, Gratitude, Kindness, Patience, etc. Each theme will incorporate yoga movements, mindfulness, and breath practices that will foster growth and exploration in your child. To further facilitate growth, our instructor will provide regular updates to incorporate the themes at home and in the classroom so that yoga and mindfulness benefits can continue outside of our sessions.

Movement, Mindfulness, and Breath.

taking it to our youngest.

At Rigazzi, we love to share movement, mindfulness, and breath to students at a young age. We have developed a successful curriculum which is delivered by instructors certified in yoga and education. 

If you'd like to learn more about how our programs help your daycare, school, or camp, reach out today!

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