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Alliance Yoga

This week, we ended 2.5 years of yoga with Alliance Brewery in South Knoxville. I was approached by Ben Seamons to start yoga classes in the space in my community of South Knoxville. I had just completed my yoga teacher training, and was eager to teach. We started classes in August of that summer, 2016.

Classes started small, with four of my fellow teachers showing up to my newly created lessons on yogic asana. In the fall, when school started, the brewers asked me to move the classes to Monday night. I was honored, but as a full time educator at the time, my schedule was busy. I then asked Veronica to step in to help me co-teach these sessions. She agreed and we quickly saw the classes grow. My vision had always been to bring yoga to people who were not paying memberships to studios, or who were intimidated to go to a yoga studio. I had experienced the yoga studio intimidation first hand, and therefore wanted to offer a space where 'non-yogi's' could benefit from the practice.

The classes grew, with the continued support of the brewers and staff at Alliance, and the community overlaps. We have beer connoisseurs checking out our classes, mountain bikers, runners, kayakers, and hikers showing up after spending weekends playing in the Urban Wilderness, Smoky Mountains, the Obed and other amazing areas around our community. We have a strong community that grows, and fosters the 8 limbs of yoga, without maybe even realizing they are practicing these aspects of yoga philosophy.

We are taking a break for the holidays (as the next two classes fall on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve) but will be back teaching January 7th, at 6pm on the Other Side at Alliance Brewery. If you are looking for community, wanting to give yoga a try or are looking for a fun way to try a new event, plan to join us. Classes are $10 and include a tasty beer by Alliance, or $8 for yoga only. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

students taking yoga at Alliance Brewery


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