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Started from the beginning, now, we're here!

Knoxville, TN

Rigazzi Mobile Wellness began as a recognizable need. Modern society recognizes the necessity for health in their employees, colleagues, and selves. However this can take a back burner to the demand of our busy lives. Yet, if you suffer in body, don't you suffer also in mind? Does this then impact other areas of your life and well-being?

Veronica and Tracy met in Teacher Training at Glowing Body in Knoxville. Both have rich backgrounds which led them to the mat, and then the practice of yoga which ultimately led to their passions for the health of the individual. For Veronica, she began as an athlete, then a trainer, following an long line of ancestry of Carmazzi athletes, teachers and coaches in California. For Tracy, her father practiced under the Nitany Lions, and she ran down streets of Tennessee hoping to match her father's desire for "hustle," while pursuing her desires of sharing her vest for life with others.


The communities within Knoxville, Tennessee are connected neighborhoods. Nonprofit organizations such as the Appalachian Mountain Biking Club and Legacy Parks have proven to be allies in creating environments for Knoxville residents and tourists to enter global mountain biking, kayaking, and climbing scenes, thus aiding in the richness of wellness in the area. Tapping into this, Veronica and Tracy started a yoga class at Alliance Brewery in 2016. The class grew from four friends, to over 20 in regular attendance. From there, the need was seen to bring people together from diverse upbringings and introduce them to movement, mindfulness and breath.

Movement, Mindfulness and Breath

Since the time Rigazzi was born, the concept has evolved. Initially hoping to market to Corporate niches in town, they have seen more growth within educational settings, of which both have experience and leadership. Tracy studied Education in undergrad and graduate levels and was a public school educator for over fifteen years. Veronica led athletes at the University of Tennessee in pursuing holistic approaches to injury and lifetime wellness. Together, with their yoga teacher training, Veronica and Tracy apply the principles of healthy movements, utilized under the auspiciousness of mindfulness while paired with breathing techniques.

Today, Rigazzi is shaping how yoga is seen within the community, while reaching out to others in an approachable, real environment. They are taking wellness to the streets, breweries, forests, and pre-schools. Stay tuned for exciting shifts and refocusing for 2019!



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